"Warts...and all"  chronicles the misadventures of a somewhat disfunctional, riddled with "isms" American family.  Comprised of a well meaning (albeit befuddled) father, a perpetualy at the "end-of-her-rope" mother, and an assortment of psychological disorders disguised as children.  Although at times appearing as standard "comic-strip family fare" you will discover it is anything but.  
Sometimes raw,  sarcastic, violent, blunt it is always spinkled with a touch of love (haha).  Anyone who has ever had to suffer a family should take  consollation in the fact that they are not alone.  People of my generation grew up watching tv thinking life was supposed to be "The Brady Bunch"  it's not!  And we hope to discredit that presumption with a harsh, yet humorous dose of reality. With an occassional sprinkling of...taboo.